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Services & Programs

We provide emergency relief for people experiencing financial crisis for people living in the Yarra Ranges Council (Lilydale) area. This may be in the form of:

  • Food Vouchers
  • Limited Household Bill Assistance
  • MYKI Travel Cards
  • Telstra Phone Cards & Telstra Bill Assistance

Referrals to our op-shop for free or reduced cost items may be made at our discretion. We do not provide cash.

Clients must have proof of residency which shows their current address. If proof of ID has been lost clients can request a confirmation from Centrelink.

No appointment is necessary and a trained volunteer will conduct an interview with you to assess your needs. The interviewer may request information about your rent, bills and income. There is no guarantee that we will be able to assist you with what you have requested but if we are unable to assist we will look for other options and referrals.

Requests for emergency relief can be made once every three months only, however we are not obliged to provide anyone with regular emergency relief. Service users experiencing ongoing crisis will be supported in accessing financial counselling or budgeting services. All information provided is confidential

To be eligible you need to live in one of these postcode areas:

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