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Services & Programs

The Australian Taxation Office provides tax help at our premises from July to October for people who earn less than $ 60,000 per. Their volunteers are fully trained and accredited.

You will need to make an appointment and bring the following information to your appointment:

  • Your Tax File Number
  • A Copy of Last Year’s Notice of Assessment
  • All Statements From Centrelink and The Department of Veterans Affairs
  • All Eligible Termination Payment Summaries
  • All Bank Books and Statements Relating To That Income Year
  • Any Statements Issued By A Managed Fund
  • Foreign Pension Statements and Details
  • Private Health Insurance Details
  • Receipts of Gifts, Donations and Work Related Expenses
  • Details of Your Spouse’s Income (Married or De Facto)
  • Reconciliation Statement, Receipts and Details of Child Care Costs

For more information visit the Australian Taxation Website

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